Sunday, July 6, 2014

Learn The World's Rules So You Can Break Them Acordingly

Well... the suns hot, the water is warm, the surf is good, kids are home from school, BBQ's are fired up, good people and long days
at the beach... aside from Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of year!
We thought we would give you an update on whats new in the PCB camp.

First of all thank you to everyone that has donated to the "My Tribe" campaign!! Unfortunately we didn't reach our goal but that's not going to stop us from putting out another single, art, merchandise at shows, etc. until we whittle away at the full length album that will hopefully follow shortly after. The people that expressed their support mean more to me then anything on this Earth. Your actions are seen as a complete heart acting in love. You gave a part of your life to support a part of mine and if you know me and where I come from, this is a tremendous respect and I hold the greatest gratitude towards you. Please bare with us for the next few months as we build resources for the next album :)

We are pursuing new avenues of expression.....

I have felt this strong vibration in my personal life that has opened up a new part of my soul. As a people we are being held down by powers greater then us and it's only ourselves we can blame. Whether it's a job we feel we can't leave, an old/new relationship that brings us down, the fear that we are not strong enough to succeed or the fear of change. We hold ourselves back from the things we want and need and we don't even realize it. We will gladly blame society, the President, our boss but we never stop to think maybe it is us who needs to make the change. So that's what I'm doing now.
   For me it's the music business. Even though I have succeeded in the music business thus far and still participate, I'm convinced I can form a new method that is more rewarding for me and "My Tribe". When a young artist signs with a major label they now have to sign a 360 deal which means they advance you say 20k for living expenses and then you owe them that 20k plus all recording, touring, merchandising expenses that could add up to millions. This leaves the artists in debt and under the gun with having to conform to any request of that label.

I recently had a song placed on a popular main stream album that will be a great success for me and my brand. This is amazing! Although I am super grateful for this huge success, I don't want to loose sight of what's important to me as an artist...which is keeping things authentic and appealing to my "Homegrown" family. The way I can stay connected to my Homegrown roots is by cutting out the middle man and embarking on an adventure of bringing my music (for free) to fans in their back yard. So far 90% of our work has been under the radar and strictly word of mouth. The amazing people I work with and myself have been invited into; peoples houses, work spaces, farms, schools, charity fundraisers and hospitals to perform...these are the most rewarding for us. If you would like to be apart of this movement then please write us at for more info.

Our goal is to bring this music straight to the people who want it, no middle man, no fussing with the music promoters, radio, TV, music venues etc.
We know this will be a fun backyard adventure where community will come together to experience evenings of great music, friendship and fun!  

We do however respect the companies, radio stations, artists, producers, music venues and other affiliates we work with and we greatly honor our established relations even in this new adventure :)

For our greatest supporter KPRi we will be performing at this years Green Flash Concert Series on Sept. 17th w/ 
Show Info Here

You are more then what they tell you, you have a beautiful soul and the ability to do whatever your heart desires. As soon as we all realize this then we will be stronger then those that have held us down.

PCB loves you.

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