Monday, July 21, 2014

Love = Love

What is life without love? Bob Marley said it best “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the one worth suffering for.”

Alex & Sierra are two young extremely talented kids who are the same age, who are madly in love, who perform as an amazing duo and who just won the 3rd and final X Factor USA! They are on top of the world in every way. I love their music so much because it takes me back to when I first met my awesome wife Lacey Boyer Cannon. I fell madly in love with her as soon as I heard her telling a co-worker about her wild dream she had of doughnuts. I knew I had every odd against me but it didn't stop me from vigorously pursuing the most lovely human I have ever met. Hard work shouldn't discourage you from what gives your heart life, so until this day I do everything in my power to keep that fire stoked.

Love is bigger then just you and I. It's almost as if there's a magical connection between all human beings. When one person opens their heart then it inspires another to do the same and then another. I love that I am a part of this recycled energy belief system and here is a perfect example of how it works: A group of us that love each other, had so much love inside that we had to write a love song. We found other people we loved and we showed them the love song. These people loved the love song so much that they decided to recycle this love. Now there's a love triangle through a love connection that has also been opened up to all the people they love...

You can pre-order A&S's debut album "It's about Us" on iTunes, which has our love song (It's About Us) on it. Much, Much Love.‪#‎AllWeNeedIsLove ‪#‎MyTribe

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