Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Free Tickets & First Listen to Our New Single!!

        In the music industry in order to book a show, get a manger or get signed to a label you must have a healthy social media presence. Artists are defined by their social media presence and by how many people come out to shows and support. When labels, managers, music venues, promoters  and other potential business partners want to get a rough Idea of how well an artist is doing they look at their Facebook likes and YouTube views. We try not to involve our fans aka "My Tribe" with all the in and outs of the business but I think it's important that you know some of the ways you can show support. If you believe in what we believe in what we do then we would ask you to click on the photo below (with the Friar on it) which will direct you to our personal "Band Page" where you can press the like button.  This will help us greatly and In return for going out of your way to do this for us we will enter you in a contest to win a pair of tickets to our next KPRi Presents show at the Belly Up tavern on March 12th!!

  Now if you get a friend or friends to like us too (and message us through our FaceBook Band Page letting us know) then we will send you our new single!!!!This new song we have been working on has really opened up a new path for me and I feel like I'm using a new part of my heart and soul if that makes sense?This new song is about how I've spent my whole life fighting and running from a past/ a people that was trying to keep me down. When I look back now those things that use to bring fear are nowhere to be found. I realized that I spent most of my life running away that I din't ever stop to enjoy what I had including the people around me. This song is about just that it's me saying I'm done with thinking about me from now on I'm ...Thinking Bout You.


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