Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Behind the Writing 3 - We Can Change

I don't have much figured out but one thing I do have figure out  is that it starts in your mind and it ends in your action. My dad once told me "son, people will talk for days but unless they actually do it then whats the point? you'll know people by there actions."  I love believing in greater things it makes me feel alive!!! I love finding people with the same belief system a people of hope, love and prosperity!!..... but  thoughts only get me so far.

If we can find a spark of hope to better  ourselves and those around us  then think we have a chance become a brighter people. I love believing that my people have expanded from my tribe here on the San Pasqual Reservation out to the whole country. The more I travel and meet people the more I see we are all connected in so many ways, so rad. As I was laying in bed last night my wife brought up an interesting point. "I think this is a time of change with our generation, I think people are ready for it." I think she is right, I think we can change the world.

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