Friday, November 15, 2013

#Confession Friday


 I remember when my friend use to speak with me  about organic food, gluten allergies and holistic living. I was intrigued  but never payed too much attention.  I was convinced It was all hype and I thought I was pretty healthy considering I didn't eat junk food and I loved veggies. I started watching documentaries, reading more on the subjects and conducting my own  physical experiments to see if there was any connection with these holistic philosophies. I didn't want to be wrapped up in others beliefs but I also didn't want to deny my self the knowledge if it could benefit me.  I started challenging my own logic that same logic we all use the logic  passed down to us by our friends, family and TV commercials. I use to believe that if I had a salad at Chili's I was doing better then others. I know now that a salad from Chili's has anywhere from 800-1,500 calories in it and it's full of dead food. I learned iceburg lettuce has no real nutrients. I saw that milk and other dairy products made me itch, gain weight and feel shitty so I stopped using them... Except stinky cheese I'm still working on that one!  I was taught that the food business is just that it's a business and most every product on the shelf at Von's, Ralph's and Albertsons has been modified for a longer shelf life. The chemicals and process they use  to extend these products shelf life cause cancer, digestive, neurological and physical damage and disease that will eventually cripple, hinder or kill you.   There was one doctor that said something that changed my life "If you eat dead food how do you expect to feel alive?" ...Shit. "When you eat something that has no nutrients in it you use the enzymes and nutrients from your body to break it down. Therefore taking away the good that's in your body instead of replenishing it."  That's why your tired after you eat a burrito, white bread, chips or soda.  

I'm sorry if this comes across as braggy or preachy  that is not my intention. I am guilty of falling victim to cravings and addictions. All I''m saying is give it a chance if you haven't already.   Open up to the possibility that we can fix common aliments by changing our diet changing the way we view each other and view the world. Consider that we can change our lives from changing our thought process. Don't become an extremist though and be better then everyone else just listen to your body. By taking care of yourself and those around you.... you become that change you wish to see in the world.  I have been in denial about gluten for....3 years and I finally have come to a cross roads where I am having serious issues due to a little bread here and there. I absolutely hate giving up things I love or old habits that make me feel comforted but what's my other option. I didn't know my grandparents and quite a few family members because they all died from cancer or some other self inflicted disease they could have avoided through healthier thinking and behavior. 

I am on a life long journey of enlightenment but it doesn't mean I don't back slide and give in here and there it means I don't ever stop trying to improve. I love the people in my life that inspire me to think healthier wether they realize it or not.  Many Blessings!

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