Thursday, October 24, 2013

PROJECT HOMEGROWN - How Paul Cannon is Using Music to Make a Difference

I have always been deeply connected to music and I think it's because I recognize that it's more then just notes that  I'm hearing. When I listen to music I  hear peoples struggle, life experiences, hopes, dreams and drive to create. Music helps me navigate through this sometimes jungle of an existence and reassures me that I am connected to others. The most fascinating stories are those of artists that have persevered through their struggle and what became of it. In return this is my goal to be an inspiration in my craft and nurture that craft the best I can. Did you know Madonna quit attending her Ivy league Collage to move to New York to work at a doughnut shop? She was determined to become a dancer/ singer but after a week of being in N.Y. a man came down her fire escape and raped her. This would have been enough for anyone to re-think their current life direction but as we all know she has gone on to make monumental moves in the music business and in supporting and starting hundreds of charities.

So what is my story going to look like? Will I have a grand story to tell VH1? Will VH1 still exist? I feel I have survived a great deal in my life but now I must survive my life in the music business. I know one thing and that's what my professor told me when I was in school "The opposite of success isn't failure, the opposite of success is when you quit". 

Well I don't know what my story will be in the future but I know what I'm trying to do now. Through all my past experiences I have come to realize that I'm here for a reason and the only way for me to feel ok about my life is by giving back. That's why I set out to make music for those that don't have hope, that need peace or just need some good vibes. I not only believe I  can make an impact on my people  but I have developed relations with others that believe the same...and together we have seen this come to life. I have a heart for healing and helping those that can't help themselves. I do what I can when I can and even by just doing a little it adds up in the long run. Let me let you in on the ways I and my brand give back...

I donate my time to good causes whether its the big names like Susan G Komen or the little guys like Students Heal. I'll help you mow your lawn if that's where you really need help. Something I try to do on a daily basis is support the little guy and that's usually the local guy!!  I use local recording studios, I rock a Taylor Guitar (which is a local eco-responsible company), we hire/ support local musicians, we use organic cotton T's from a local distributor, we make our own merchandise or contract out local artists for merch, we eat local and organic (wether in a restaurant or farmers market), we support our local Surfrider Foundation Chapter by donating time, services or money, I ONLY rock gear from Hippy Tree Organic Clothing which is a sustainable clothing line. But the main way I
give back is by "keeping my side of the street clean" in other words  we encourage positive attitudes and good vibes which we believe is the starting point to any positive growth in us as a people.

Currently we are at the infant stages of launching a national campaign that will directly benefit The Cultivate Foundation and Farm Aid. Our intention is to bring awareness to the benefit of supporting your local farming community and how this practice will not only nourish your body and stimulate your local economy but re-connect people to their land in their hometowns. We are working with awesome companies and organizations like: Farm Aid, Chipotle, GoPro, Hippy Tree Organic Clothing, Taylor Guitars and Amy's Organic Kitchen...who also carry this vision. Stay tuned as more details unfold and on how you and your community can get involved with this exciting project!!! So exciting.

Paul Cannon Band is going to keep doing everything we can to become a positive force in our community and we would like you to join us. When you support us in any way you too become a part of our "people". Love & Respect!


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