Monday, July 26, 2010

How i did in the American Idol Auditions in 2007

First my brother and i had to stand in line at Qualcomm Stadium with thousands of people for 8 hours just to register and get a wrist band that said there was no guarantee that we would get to audition. We returned for the following phase to stand in line with 20,000 people for 12 hours in the scorching August sun. When we finally were inside the stadium we were herded like cattle and sectioned off in groups. To warm up they had us all sing the same song as a group while the cameras flew by. They had 6 tents with 2-4 judges at each tent. In front of each tent was a row of people four wide and four deep. Each person was able to step up, sing for 30 seconds and step back. Once the row of four people finished then all of them received judgment. I stepped up and sang "Stand by Me" and 1 of the judges liked it and one judge was not impressed they asked me to sing another song and i sang " over my head" by the fray and they liked it. A producer came up to me and said that I needed to make more eye contact and really deliver the song But i had made it to the next round. That was a good feeling after watching thousands of people get there dreams crushed all morning. Only 150 people made it through that day. Mind you we all were singing a capella and out of our element. At this point I walked to an exclusive room where they gave me water and food and had cool air blowing then They gave me a contract to sign . To sum it up it said " we have the right to exploit you in any way shape or form through out the universe". It really said universe! I still have the contract. They said I would be going to a secret location next and would be later notified. It was Rancho Bernardo Inn and then we waited in a plush room with the 150 people. They gave us a song to practice and said the judges had the choice to ask you to sing this song. That's why you see people on the show all singing the same song horribly, its because they only give you an hour to learn it. I was nervous as shit but had been singing all day and warming up so I was ready for the next round. They threw in a pre-judement round that no one expected and I nailed it. Now it was 50 people that were to go to the next round. The 3rd round had the American Idol back drop had 7 cameras and Nigel (the old guy ) from so you think you can dance. I sang my songs and Nigel said " This time sing the song and sell me on it!!" I didn't know what Else to do so I pretty much did the same thing and said that's all I got. Then he replied "You have great tone and you have the looks, but in this competition you are pale in comparison to the talent we have seen" needless to say that broke my spirit.

Through that experience i learned i have what it takes to become a great musician and God has given me a gift and its my job to develop it. I learned i have to have thick skin and if i can't take honest criticism then I'll never make it. If you don't put yourself out there then you'll never know where you fit in and you will never find out how to become greater. This is still the beginning of my journey and every step i learn something new.

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  1. What a great experience and a very long day....keep going no matter what.