Friday, July 16, 2010

My brother and I were in the movie Seabiscuit !

Me and my brother Jeremy went up to L.A. to be extras in the movie Sea biscuit. We wore these old ass suits and top hats because the movie was based in the 1940's. They actually gave us top hatsand all 2,000 extras as well. It was 90 degrees out and here i was wearing a double breasted woolsuit with wingtip leather shoes. We were so excited to be on the infeild and in the bleachers acting like the camera was going to stop and notice our beauty. We were glad to stand still still for 16 hours while they took take after take. They made me step back from the front line because i had side burns and plugs:( They put blow up dolls in the top bleachers with top hats on, and i remember seeing the "Elite" extras that had roped off sections where they would act. They were really good at putting on a show and there costumes were awesome. I did get to see Toby Maguire ride a fake horse that bounced up and down the track. Also after the shoot Toby Maguire stood on top a big wooden tower and answered questions. I asked "why the f**k are you so skinny, what happened to spider man?" he didn't reply. I think its because i said it under my breath :/ So Me and Jeremy were so excited and when the movie came out we told everyone. But they decided to go with a graphic over the scenes we were in. So all the crowd was blurred out (because he was riding really fast horse i guess) and we were bummed :(. Oh well, I'll make my own movie when i become rich ...I'll name it what they should have named the first one "Seahorse"..right? why didn't some one name that horse seahorse? what the f--- is a sea biscuit?

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