Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have you ever touched an angel? I have.

When I was around 16 i was involved in a car accident that took a truck off a cliff on Paradise mountain. That was the night I realized I was not walking through life alone.
I was eager to drive before I was leagally able to and i was ready to be an independent human. I wanted to drink , smoke and act like all the adults I knew. I was obsessed with being someone else.

One night i decided to borrow a car from some one I knew and drive to V.C. to pick up a Friend. We drove around drinking rum and doing whatever reckless teens do at 3am. I remember it like it was yesterday it was raining hard and the roads were really wet. I asked my Friend to drive cause I felt more intoxicated then him. We were coming down a narrow and dark road on Paradise mountain at about 60mph when i felt he was taking the turn way to fast. I clenched my hand to the arm rest and asked him to "slow down". We caught our breath for a brief second and then noticed a caution sign that said "20mph" on the corner. Naturally my Friend saw that he would go over the edge if he didn't turn towards the hillside and quick! He corrected one turn to only over correct on another turn. Now he tried to not hit the hillside dead on but in doing that he lost control and we went over the edge.

Imagine being in a rioting crowd of 20,000 people that have baseball bats and they all want to kill you. You close your eyes and listen to your only source of protection being ripped, shattered and pulled apart by force. But in this case it happens in a matter of seconds. When i closed my eyes something strange happened, I saw we were going over the edge and a calmness suddenly fell on me. I closed my eyes and then I felt something fall into my lap. I didn't open my eyes to see what it was but it felt like a human body and not a piece of the truck. I thought to myself that if it was my friend that fell into my arms I was not going to let go of him. I used every ounce of strength to prevent him from flying out the windshield.

After what felt like hours of gravity, we finally landed on a huge rock right side up. The whole truck was in shambles but the two front seats were as good as new. My Friends hand was pinched between the roof and steering wheel and we both sat speechless. I looked over and saw that my Friend was in his seat belt and i asked "did you fall out of your seat belt?" he replied "no." I got out of the passenger seat and crawled to the top of the mountain with not even a scratch on me. I started singing some song that was stuck in my head as I walked down the road. I felt like i just cheated death and I knew why...

..The person that fell in my lap was the one that has been by my side my whole life. From that day a lot has happened but I will always remember when God decided to show me I was not walking through life alone. Till this day I carry a Native American medicine bag with me that contains broken pieces of glass from that night. It is a reminder that I have only one reason to be here, do you have one? one love.

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