Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Second Guitar that Sparked a Fire

I had a neighbor that worked with my step dad and me. We did Landscape lighting in Rancho Santa Fe,CA. I was the laborer everyday when we got off work i would go to my neighbors house and we would play around on his guitar and shoot the breeze about our dreams. Long story short his name was Patrick and he gave me his acoustic guitar. Patrick was an interesting guy that inspired me to step out of the mold and
follow my wildest dream. His son had drown as a teenager and Patrick had given all his possessions away multiple times, he had been searching for a solid foundation drifting through the country. We became friends but then he kept on keeping on.

That guitar became my mediator, my hope, my judge and jury when life was unfair, or if i couldn't express something i was feeling  I would use that old acoustic guitar to be a translator. I was living on my moms couch when she had 4 vacant rooms in her house, i had been in trouble with the law since junior high, i was tortured on a regular basis by my cousins on the reservation (so i had stuff to write about), I had no car and i was madly in love with a girl who turned out to be engaged.  It was a rough time and i tried to make light of it, i feel if i didn't find music then i would be even more self destructive then i am now.

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