Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The day I hung out with Steve Tyler in Holly Wood !

When i was 19 me and my two friends (Joy and Blair) took a trip to Holly Wood to hang out for the day. We arrived on "The Strip" and started walking up and down the street going in and out of shops. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye i see ....STEVE TYLER!?
Wow, i was taken back but i needed to get a closer look so i made my way inside "Lords of Hollywood" a low profile leather pants store . I walk by this stringy long haired old man holding leather pants to his waste and dancing in the mirror, i cringed to myself and whisper in my head " its Steve!" He was someone i was studying at the time and at the risk of looking like an idiot I made my way into the store.

With my half broken sun glasses and holding a 2 litter bottle of orange soda and vodka I slowly approached the super star. The trick to getting to talk to someone as famous as him is to completely ignore them or treat them like second class citizens. They can't stand being treated like normal people even though they say they hate the spot light. He was the only person in the store and so i headed towards the register. There I asked "do you have anything to compliment my eyes?". I thought i did a wonderful job of diverting the attention
on off the fact that i was not suppose to be in there, and then Steve turned around and said "HOW ABOUT THIS!?" as he held up his fist. I started smiling and he looked puzzled , finally I said" i don't want to sound like a groupie but i really respect you as an artist and i am a huge fan of yours" He said "Thanks" i asked if i could take a picture with him and he said sure. He grabbed my disposable camera (forgot to turn the flash on) stuck his tongue out and snapped our pic. I asked " I thought of all people, you would have a personal designer that would make all of your leather pants?" he said if i ever had a chance that i would have to buy a pair of these leather pants to see that those were the best pants in the world!!" I guess of all the people that would know, it would be him. As we walked out the front door I turned to tell the clerk " Maybe when I'm famous I will come buy a pair of your pants!" he laughed and said " Sweetie, hopefully we will still be in business!"

Now three days prior to this i caught Aerosmith on VH1 behind the music and and was in awe
of their humble beginnings. Did you know they h
ave been together since they were teenagers . Steve and Joe had this great dynamic which transcended time and business. I asked Steve if he was on tour and he said " Yes and we are playing tonight in L.A. with KISS , Joe Perry missed you yesterday and wants you to come see him!"(They were on tour with KISS and they had just finished one of two shows inL.A.) We stepped outside to his Range Rover and he put his leather pants in the back seat of his truck, his wife sat in the driver seat and he stood on the passenger side step. My friends , all of the sudden, walked up and went "OOOOHHH SHHHIIIT!" Then Steve lit up like a little boy and asked "Who wants a picture?" So the photo to the left ia a picture of " Blair "with her arm around him ,below is a picture of Joy with her tongue out down by his crotch :/ hmmm for what ever reason ...sorry if this embarrasses you JOY....and the picture of me inside with him is fuzzy and misplaced.

I will post the pic of me and Steve when i find it.

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  1. Oh wow Paul ya, you suck! Haha! By the way there WAS a reason for it. I can't seem to remember exactly, but we were joking about something and somehow I went there with it. By the way I'm a little jealous both of your hollywood pictures came out great and mine is, yes, just a tad embarrassing. It's great though I love it! Good day.