Friday, February 8, 2013

West Coast Tour w/ Tristan Prettyman :)

  When TP first asked me to go on the road with her I lost my s*** with excitement!!!!  Not only am I a huge fan of hers but I was going to be playing  all my favorite cities up and down the west coast in support!! (Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and back home for a double date at the Belly Up Tavern)  This was my first tour  and yes TP took my tour virginity but she was gentle ;)  You always remember your first and while on the trip I found an analogy of what it felt like.  

Great American Music Hall-San Francisco
   I was driving (Lacey was) from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz and we drove right through a rainbow!  I remember Lacey saying "I've never seen the end of rainbow before?.." and I thought "neither have I?!!"  It got me thinking of what it would feel like being in the middle of a rainbow, have you ever been  super close to a rainbow? It seems that, like most things we want in life, the closer you get the further they appear or they might vanishe all together. At first when you see a rainbow in front of you, you think about what it would be like to find the end. Will it vanish? Will there be gold? Where does the leprechaun come into play? This time it was happening for real and I was at a loss for words. When your in the middle of a rainbow you think "Wow, is this really happening it feels so surreal!" Your captivated by the thought of it all happening while feeling pressure to soak up as much of the color as possible. Not only are you distracted by all thats going on but time seems to be going even faster. If you look around the image is a bit blurred, your senses are heightened but you still recognize this is happening and then all the's over. You pass through and then almost immediately you start looking back. The image is once again strong and reassuring of the fact that this just happened. This was the best experience of my life. I got to see TP kill it night after night, I got to see wonderful friends, fans and family in the most awesome'est cities on the west coast and all with my wife and son.                 

 Tristan is the kindest most balanced and full of life person I have met. Not only did she allow my wife and son to come along but she embraced me as an artist and brought so much light to my path.  It was a memory for the books. Thanks for being you, Love & Respect :)

I would like to acknowledge that we had tremendous support from local companies like; Perfect Foods Bars & Jlab Audio. and from our incredibly awesome fans, you know who you are ;)  Thanks everyone....Much Love!!!

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