Friday, June 22, 2012

Behind the Writing 1

  In this series of blogs I will talk about; what inspired the music, how the music is written, challenges we face as artists, how we recorded the music and all the fun we had along the way :)
   As an artist It's so easy to get lost in this over saturated "pop-fest" it's easy to compare and to be compared to the likes of others and feel that's all you are. Don't get me wrong I understand the business side of things and I understand it enough to know that I should not be defined by the strides of others. This is a beautiful world where we have the luxury to define our own path and even though our own path may take longer then the pre-beaten one it is more fulfilling in the long run. These songs on the new album are an expression of that thought pattern, they are an expression of staying true to my own path with respecting but excepting minimal input from the music industry. I have learned to  accept a certain level of criticism from fans, artists, teachers, producers and even my own people. The hardest part is finding the dividing line between others advice and what you believe to be true.  I  have to balance out what other peoples  understandings of my path are  and of what my own understandings of my path are. It seems effortless to get trapped in the "statistics" of others but like Jay-Z says "People will tell you how to do it even though they have never done it."

   This is how I view life: It's like being caught in a rip current and your paddling your ass off for no reason but if you slow down, do steady strokes and strategize your exit you'll eventually get to where you need to be!   So here's to breathing and believing we are right where we need to be! Here's to all the support from those that believe in this whisper of a dream. Thank you and please keep checking back for more stories on behind the writing of our full length album - Homegrown.

Much Love!

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