Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Love Trees!

There is something about tress that I fell in love with as a young child. You could climb them, build shelter from them, jump on or swing from them and of course pick fruit from them. They provide shade when it's hot and oxygen for all the earth. Have you ever walked through a redwood forest? wow, what a peaceful trip. When I was in middle school we had an avocado grove in our agriculture class where we would sneak off to smoke weed (out of the avocados) and then throw them at each other...good times :) I used to stand-stare and be dazzled by the sunlight streaming through these richly colored green leaves. For some reason I always took comfort in the fact that no matter what happens in life these tree would still be here. Even after being attacked by fire they would still stand their ground with what little they had left. I believe we are what we eat and I would like to be healthy, oily, green and rich.

Trees are living. They might not have a brain or be as complex as us but they are living. They have unique fingerprints, like us, they have fluid that is vital to their existence, like our blood, they breath and need sunlight, like us, and when they get wounded they heal them selves by regrowing in different directions. The healing powers of plants, shrubs and trees are endless. The fruit that comes form trees are no accident to the human body. In fact an orange contains a fiber, in the pulp, that when it's digested (by a human) it can regulate the amount of sugar that the body accepts. Meaning when you go to the grocery store and buy " Orange Juice" make sure it has pulp in it otherwise your getting way to much sugar that just turns to fat. The omega oil's and fatty acids that are in avocados help the brain to function properly. They are as important to the brain as oil is to an engine of a car. They have proven that by eating all greens you can cure cancer and all other types of life threatening illness, some studies show that you wouldn't even have to brush your teeth as much if at all. Only when "man made" sugar and chemicals came on the scene did we have to start aggressively pursuing our dental hygiene. Point being that fruits, nuts and vegetables have everything you need to thrive and be healthy.

Look into it, once you find a bit of the truth you will start craving the realness that is nature. This is what we are and what we need... with nature any thing that is plaguing you can be healed, not just suppressed by western medicine. If the tree can't heal you then go to the ocean. One Love!

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